The roller crusher works, as well as for

Product introduction

The roller crusher

In the roll crusher is suitable for electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, coal and other industries of coarse, intermediate crushing brittle block material, its into the grain-size, discharging granularity is adjustable, can fight pressure strength of 160 mpa or less materials are broken.Especially in the coal industry, the use of native raw coal fragmentation, as long as after iron, removing impurity, without gangue removal, can be directly to broken, broken out of material, granularity and the crushing rate is low, thus simplifies the coal preparation process, reduce the investment and production cost.

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Product traits or characteristics

1.Broken than big
When need big crushing ratio, the roller crusher can be installed at the bottom of the two rolls of a broken rod can be adjusted.Teeth roll clamping material during the first stage crushing, the material by double stick generated when the second phase between broken, broken rod with teeth roll work together on the front two stages of implementation of the third stage crushing the debris.
2.A powder rate low particle size
Too low powder granularity is good: use combination, rather than the impact, strike and broken, do not produce secondary crushing phenomenon, therefore, a crushing rate is extremely low.Once two toothed roller center distance is adjusted the fixed, instantaneous hard broken for the material, almost not heavy, ensure the grain of uniform.
3.Simple structure is easy to repair
Simple structure test is easy to repair: the handwheel or hydraulic structure can quickly adjust the discharging granularity.Equipment modular structure, according to the need can be a long-distance fission installation, also can install combination, facilitate lifting and maintenance.Standardized module combination tooth plate has more compatibility, versatility, greatly drop low tooth plate replacementcycle, reduce the operation cost.
4.Standardization of structure
Each type of the structure of roll crusher is standardized, its structure and length can be change according to the requirements of productivity.Each root on the number of ring gear, gear ring roller of roller teeth and the distance between two shaft group and even the structure can be changed to adapt to the needs of different granularity.

The working principle of

To roll crusher will be broken material feeding the mouth fall between two rollers, extrusion, finished product material nature.When the weather is good or not broken, the roll crusher roller but by hydraulic cylinder or the role of the spring automatic, make the roll gap increases, hard or cannot be broken down, so as to protect the machine from being damaged.Relative rotation of the two roll gap to a certain extent, change the gap, can maximum discharging granularity control products.Double roll crusher is the use of a pair of opposite rotating round roll, four roll crusher is to use two opposite rotating round roll crushing operations.

Basic parameters of products

model 2PG400×250 2PG610×400 2PG700×4000 2PG1000×600
The roll diameter (mm) 400 610 700 1000
The roll length (mm) 250 400 400 600
Into the largest particle size (mm) 25 85 100 135
Discharging granularity (mm) 0.5-8 0.5-30 0.5-30 0.5-40
Production capacity (t/h) 5-10 13-40 10-100 18-185
The number of the roll 2 2 2 2
The roll speed (r/min) 180 75 95 82.6
The total weight (t) 2.2 5.9 9.8 17.2
Machine overall dimensions (length x width x height) (mm) 2200×834×830 3700×1600×1100 4300×1200×1200 6229×1640×1510
Motor / Power (kw) 5.5×2 15×2 30×2 55×2